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The Team

Freak Show is a Lebanese Rock/Metal events organization management that aims to promote local bands, organize good quality events and other activities.


Freak Show management is currently organizing some local events: concerts and other activities related to music.Our goal is to provide high quality events, book talented bands in our events, book Lebanese bands outside of the country and Freak Show also aims to get International bands to Lebanon.

Website is covering local events, news, interviews, reviews, releases, photos and much more.. We will keep you updated with local and international news and events, and will provide you with many facilities and services.


Freak Show studios present you the opportunity to record your own songs with the quality your song deserves. Using Pro Tools Studio technology on a Mac OS X operating system, Real time/recording latency is as low as it gets.

For high end results, we provide you with a Digidesign oo3 external sound card with 8 I/O through a firewire connection.
For more information about prices contact us on

Other Services

Freak Show is also customizing guitars, mixing audio and video records, providing bands with logos, providing events with sound engineers, transportation, photography and many more..

Freak Show Management/Team
  • Wissam Abboud - General Manager/Sound Engineer
  • Jad Youssef - Creative Director/Editor
  • Aren Bezdikian - Stage Manager
  • Fred Bteich - In Cheif Editor
  • Roy Lteif - Editor
  • Fady Abou Rjaily -Editor
  • Ashley Jor - Writer
  • Carmina Khairallah - Writer
  • Chady Khairallah - Writer
  • Cynthia Hajal - Writer
  • Stephanie Saliba - Writer
  • Jad Tannous - Photography
  • Jad Chahwane - Photography
  • Magali Choueiri  - Photography