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Article - Why Don't you Like Going To Concerts?

Why Don't you Like Going To Concerts?

Date: 2011-09-01

By: Serge Estephan


I prefer going to McDonald’s instead .Do concerts have a Mc-Chicken?  


Well they don’t. Yet at least. Although most metal heads would answer differently, still it is to that metalhead a legit answer. In a small survey, I’ve asked a small group of metal listeners, why they don’t attend local concerts, this was aroused to my attention once I saw their excitement when scorpions announced their arrival this summer. I got some answers I already perceived and others that I didn’t see coming.   

Most concert goers can agree upon one thing and it’s the lack of variety. Same playlists by the same bands in the same places, so naturally they’re bound to get bored after a while. So addressing that issue seems to be simple, encourage new bands in new genres while of course trying to find new concert halls. 

Another reason seems to be the lack in sound quality; most local concerts don’t seem to provide the right environment with the right sound. Mainly the fact that most use outdoor equipment in indoor concerts. Now for the unexpected reasons. Some concert goers seem to be unimpressed with the lack of variety. This time beyond the music, they seem to be looking for other activities to go with the live music. The good thing is that I can reveal that Freak Show has plans for some activities coming up soon that should satisfy those bangers’ needs. 

So in summary, we can pretty much all agree that these reasons aren’t fresh, they have been there for years but just seem to surface heavily these last few years due to the circumstances the scene has faced. But hey! There’s a light in the end of this tunnel, as we are all chipping in to try to revive the scene and get these metal heads back to the concerts.



By Bassem Deaibess

From Lebanon

Date 2011-11-18 00:43:54


Just wanted to point out that many huge metal festivals happen in the same place over and over, anyone getting bored because of the place is someone who is just looking for entertainment and not art, real rockers and real metalheads and real music appreciating people care less about the place... I agree about everything else that was said.