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Article - Keep the Passion Living

Keep the Passion Living

Date: 2012-06-07

By: Carmina Khairallah

There are many who say that any Rock or Metal band falls into one of
three categories: the ones who are in it for the Rock star image, with
a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other and flocks of members of
the opposite sex at their feet; the ones with band members who each
have a very busy life and go practice and perform to let off steam;
and the “serious” band, which’s members are in it to make it work. To
me, the category in which a band is classified is not of merely any
importance. What does matter, though, is one simple factor: passion.

We have all witnessed (or watched on Youtube) on one hand many bands
who climb on stage, play perfectly, then go on with their lives,
without leaving any impression whatsoever in the audience’s minds and
hearts. Their music, lyrics and choreography are perfect, and they
might have many fans that highly enjoy listening to their songs and
watching videos of their concerts while tending to their daily
activities. But when someone asks these people about their favorite
bands, they might even forget these very bands exist.

On the other hand, sometimes, a band or Artist climbs on stage. They
tune their instruments and mics, get ready, and start performing from
the very core of their hearts. At that very instant, the whole crowd
is mesmerized, chills take a hold of their bodies, and they just stand
there with their jaws flapping, whether the performers are good
musically or not. The next day, those who have attended that band or
Artist’s show download or buy their music, or sometimes even the music
they’ve covered, and listen to it for the rest of the day, preferably
sharing it with friends who are now more than looking forward to
catching the performers’ next gig.

The one factor that differentiates between those two kinds of
musicians is passion. Honestly, passion is the one thing that is
really missing in most musicians of our Lebanese Rock and Metal scene.
But if you truly think about it, that’s just not right.

Here in Lebanon, how does a band benefit from performing live in front
of a crowd? Whatever they gain from it, it is definitely not money, as
in our scene we have to admit that losses are more frequent than
gains, and gains are never very consequent, especially not at the
beginning of a musician’s career. Is it the fun of it, the relief from
the boring and stressful everyday routine? Maybe, but honestly, there
are many ways to achieve that without losing time and money. Well
then, what are all these bands doing on stage without even really
enjoying what they are doing?

What I think is that this passion is abundant in our scene, except
that most people seem to have given up on it. To all those who play an
instrument, picture this: you are young, either a young child or an
early teenager. One of your elder siblings or friends or your mother
or father makes you listen to a certain song, or you just see it on TV
or hear it on the radio. And you simply fall in love with it.

Furthermore, there’s this one instrument in the song that captivates
you above all others. It may be the guitar, the piano, the drums, the
bass, the violin or the ukulele. Whatever it is, you now know only one
thing: you want to be like the genius who used that instrument in that
song. You start begging your parents for money or work extra hard to
earn it, just to get that instrument, and lessons on how to use it. Or
if it’s the one who sang the song who got your blood pumping extra
hard, you do everything in your power to find the best singing
instructor ever. And you practice for hours a day, so much that all of
your neighbors start complaining about the noise, but you really
couldn’t care less. I am sure that every single one of you instrument
holders has lived a scene similar to that one. Yet, that glow that lit
your eyes when you could finally cover the first few notes of that
abnormally amazing song, that excitement that almost tied your throat
shut, the pounding on your heart as you started actually creating
music… In my two years of attending local concerts, the number of
musicians which I’ve seen holding these things on stage could be
counted on both of my hands’ fingers, easily.

What about you, fellow listener? Yes, you are concerned too. I am not
going to believe that, no matter how good or bad your first concert
was, it was not one of the most exhilarating days of your life. You,
yes you who, when you were just a kid, would run away from home to
travel kilometers alone by bus just to attend a gig with your heart
beating loud and proud with excitement, knowing that your parents
would kill you the next day but more than ready to assume the
consequences of your actions as soon as you come back from that
amazing event, can you look me in the eyes and tell me you still even
care about going to any concert apart from the “big” international
gigs? Of course, I am not referring to everyone in the scene, but we
have to admit that most of us are concerned. I know, concerts are not
the same as they were “back in the days”. But isn’t that flame that
invaded your body, even if you simply heard that there was some new
local band playing at some random junkyard, still somewhere inside of

Whether you know how to play 7 instruments or none, whether you’ve
been in the scene for 20 years or 20 days, whether you know each
member of the Rock and Metal scene personally or have just met 2 or 3
of them, I know that that flame lies deep inside each and every one of
you. And if you do feel that flame roaring in your chest, it’s time to
get on your feet and let it out! The Rock and Metal Scene should be
something that our country is proud of; we have more to give musically
than many bigger, more “important” countries. It’s true, international
bands are coming over by the dozen this year, but our local Scene is
our trademark, it is what proves that we are Rockers and Metal Heads
at hearts! Don’t give up, keep your hearts open to the music, keep the
passion living!


By Carmina Khairallah

From Lebanon

Date 2012-06-09 23:09:39


Thanks a lot Dolly, I'm glad you like it, that was exactly what I was trying to do and I'm very glad it worked out with you (:. Hoping it'll help make things move a bit, cheers \m/

By Dolly F.F

From Lebanon

Date 2012-06-07 03:03:03


Its Amazing how you have understood the pasion inside us with ur experience and described it with words \m/