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Article - Drummers: Don’t Stop Playing!

Drummers: Don’t Stop Playing!

Date: 2011-11-15

By: Cynthia Hajal


As you must have probably noticed, a lot of musicians play in several bands all at the same time. We could think this is due to the lack of musicians, or rather good musicians, in certain music styles. While this matter seems to touch every musicians going from guitarists to keyboard players, today, the most important victims are drummers. Why are most drummers quitting and leaving many broken bands behind them? What reasons motivate these choices? Do drummers simply quit drumming and start another instrument? Or are they quitting music as a whole? How do broken bands keep up and try to reconstruct their image? 


Well, it is hard to try to answer all these questions because every single case is different. However, the trend today is rather clear: the number of drummers selling their sets and cymbals to stop playing has considerably risen. By investigating a little more on the causes driving these decisions, I found various reasons motivating this trend. Among reasons such as not finding a band fitting their style, not having time to practice, getting bored of the same instrument, another more peculiar reason struck me. Drummers are simply leaving the country! This reason affected the rock and metal scene in Lebanon more than if it were for guitarists or other musicians, because in the beginning, the number of drummers was not that important.

Then, how are bands dealing with that? Well, most of these bands are still looking for a substitute drummer. And it seems to be a hard task for them. Why are there so few drummers? Deciding to start playing the drums can be a more challenging issue than any other instrument. Mostly because, well let’s admit it, drum sets are cumbersome and quite expensive. While a guitarist could start off with a classical guitar, a drummer has to get the whole set and cymbals in order to be able to play. 


But, future drummers: don’t get discouraged!! If you really want to start, then just do it! And also, think about the fame you’ll earn from that! A high number of bands, beginners or more professional bands, are really looking for drummers, either to start with or to replace the previous one. Think about how you could contribute to reconstructing the band’s image and earning a lot of success among fans!


I guess this should motivate people intending to start playing the drums. If you are really interested in doing so, just don’t think twice. Take it as a challenge! Future drummer generation: show us your guts!



By Toufic

From Belgium

Date 2012-05-21 12:43:34


One does not simply "Get bored of drums"... if a person quits drums for a reason of getting bored, then i'm sorry but it's pathetic and he should have never been called a drummer or musician. The main reason why most of the people are leaving behind their instruments in Lebanon is because, in their own words, they "grew up"; so they gotta wear those ray-bans and party all night if u know what i mean... ONLY IN LEBANON :) sad

By Mohammad

From Lebanon

Date 2012-05-04 20:22:05


hey guys im new to this site. but as for me im an older drummer been playing drums since 1992, yet i did quit drumming for some reason. mainly cause that time the metal scene was not that encouraging and the worship satan stuff blabla.. sold my kit and quit drumming for around 8 or 9 years. now i got the electronic drums and im practicing a lot to get to the form i had when i was young. the main reason now i have is the sound even for the electronic one. that day the neighbors knocked on the door. im trying to be back on track and maybe join a band or form my own band which i had long long time ago :S DRUMMERS dont quit we just need a bit of encouragement i guess.

By Kevo Anselmo

From Lebanon

Date 2012-03-27 14:00:06


A very nice review,,,,I myself was a drummer,,and a good one ppl say,,but I chose to leave the drums cuz I realiZed that I could sing better,,,which I wouldn't have found out if I didn't sing second vocals from the drums..and now I love doing what I do,,and I put my heart in it,,,so if I could give one advice to future drummers,is that fall in love with ur drum kit,cuz if u do,,you will definitely kick ass! Keep it metal

By Cynthia Hajal

From United States

Date 2011-11-18 03:58:44


Roy you're right I kinda forgot this aspect because my building is almost empti so no one complains when I play haha. and yeah with the new electronic drum kits, hopefully people will continue playing but I wonder how many drummers will decide to buy such kits because it's definitely not the same sound/feeling when you play. anw I hope they won't just all stop drumming Nader, you speak words of wisdom :P

By roy naufal

From Lebanon

Date 2011-11-16 00:41:05


you forgot to mention that drums also carry a share of 'annoying' problems with them, mainly its loudness annoying neighbors, family members, etc... also drummers nowadays should be able to manage with all the new modern drumsets which are relatively cheap & quiet...

By Nader Kawar

From Lebanon

Date 2011-11-15 21:56:14


Just a small memo for those who get bored of drums look beyond rock genres, because percussion has the widest variations a mind can ever come up with. if you don't know what genre to listen to, well just read those drum books, and face the challenges you'd die before achieving

By Joe al aou

From Lebanon

Date 2011-11-15 21:27:50


yup also cz i cznt practice 4 15 min b4 all the neighbors r knockin at my door :P still cant imagine my life without a drumset \m/

By Ali Haj Ali

From Lebanon

Date 2011-11-15 21:11:11


That's true... But another reason is that drummers are not finding a good place to put their set in ! That's my problem too