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Reviews - Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion

Review Date: 2012-04-23

Reviewed By: Fred Bteich


You may be wondering who is that band and why the hell is that guy reviewing such an album. The answer is simple; if you haven't heard of this huge musical collaboration, then you are missing much.. or not?

This album features no other than 2 legendary artists entwining for the first time in what should be, considering each one's background, not far from a masterpiece, but to say the least, very promising.

Mikael Åkerfeldt, lead singer of one of the most prominent progressive metal bands OPETH and Steven Wilson, founder, lead guitarist, singer and songwriter of progressive rock band PORCUPINE TREE have decided to gather for STORM CORROSION, with their first eponymous debut to be released on May 7, 2012.

A sneaky avant-premiere at this opus is vital for many, after mentioning the talented names involved in the work, but to tell you the truth, don't set the bar very high, for spinning 6 tracks during 47 minutes tell the whole story.

Every song featured on this collaboration is decent to be fair, merging the wits and exposing the abilities of the two musicians, but unveiling horizons that somehow meet over and over again.

Let me explain this; in such collaborations, you always fear of having one person taking over the other. That's exactly what I felt here, with Åkerfeldt seemingly willing to impose his rhythm and identity on the album while allowing Wilson some breaths every now and then. The touches added are understandably exquisite, the music is consistent but the atmosphere fails to materialize much, with the OPETH air looming around, in each track.

Long ones, varied but sleepy and boring, give the album at the same time its originality and weakness, making you forget for an instant that a PORCUPINE TREE member is involved in it, and reminding you much of an OPETH member taking over.

Overall, the opus exposes Åkerfeldt's soft clean vocals and some sizzling instrumental parts reminiscent of THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT's latest album GHOST, but always haunted by OPETH influences making it awesome to hear if you are suffering from some sleeping disorders, mostly insomnia.

If you were scratching your head at the beginning of the review, you might be scratching it even more now, and will be doing so after you give the album your first spin. An OPETH fan will certainly enjoy it, a PORCUPINE TREE one will be disappointed and those who hate the former band will certainly not approach this collaboration because I am sure, they will find it mellow and strange with a long nap looming at the end of the tunnel.

After quite a disappointing 2011 album with his band, which left many questions hanging, Åkerfeldt gives the fans the answer, seemingly putting all his efforts in an OPETH-oriented work leaving them with something to think about as to his current dedication, passion and optimism while Wilson's fans will certainly regret their man not having many bites at the cherry, for the additions he puts on the tracks will be somewhat the only thing why many would try to hear it for a second time, but I'm not sure for how much longer.

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