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Reviews - Music Is My Religion

Review Date: 2012-07-23

Reviewed By: Carmina Khairallah


Music Is My Religion” was the call to arms sent out by local disco band Pattes d’Elephant’s vocalist Nataly Safy aiming to gather no less than 12 Lebanese musical acts of all shapes and styles at Harbor 201 on Tuesday July 17th. The event was quite new in its genre to the local music scene and needless to say the place was packed almost throughout the entire show.

The directions given to the location on the event’s facebook page were rather confusing regarding its actual location, but it wasn’t anything that couldn’t be solved with a quick phone call to the number given in the description, as the place itself isn’t hard to find if correctly led to. The first thing you may notice as you enter the large pink building is the very classy atmosphere reigning there. The large room is lit just enough for a good visibility while preserving a soothing overall mood. Tables and chairs are placed in a way which allows most attendees to sit and enjoy their drink while watching the show, but anyone who would like to stand close to the stage wouldn’t find much comfort in the very restricted available space. Although, that didn’t seem to bother anyone.

The concert was announced to begin at 9 pm, and the first band accurately climbed on stage at 9:07. The dozen of musical acts followed each other in the following order:

Segundo Bloco
Blue Band lb
Alan Azar
- Badiaa bou Hreizi (guest - famous singer from tunisia)
Audio Traffic
Pattes d'Elephant
- Zee Unplugged
- Name this Band
Z Arabic Fusion Band

Each act performed 2 songs. As aforementioned, the bands’ musical styles varied, although the majority gravitated around something close to Rock. Also, the majority of the musicians performed covers, with only a few offering their own originals. Finally, there weren’t any truly new acts, some having even been enjoying a certain local notoriety for quite a few years.

Concerning the technicalities of the event, the sound was quite good and clean. It was hard for everyone to see the stage due to the large agglomeration of people, but many screens were conveniently available on the walls reporting everything that was happening on stage. Those same screens were used to air live performances or music videos of popular hits during the 10 minutes time each act used to get ready for their turn on stage. Although there were a few technical difficulties around the beginning, they did not truly affect the quality of the event.  Overall, everything was more than correctly and professionally done.

The sponsors for this event were: Mozart Chahine, RFX Radio, Monster energy drink and HMP Harmony music production.

Coverage was provided by: Freakshow, Lebmetal, Mbc1,, Khabar 3ajel, Al Jadid Tv,, Timeout Online, Beiruting,, Melody fm and Agenda Culturel.

The organizer Nataly Safy would like to add: 

“A big thanks to Walid el Massih owner of Harbor 201 for his help producing the event; offering the stage, lighting, sound and the venue. Thanking him as well for his wonderful support from A to Z.”

I have nothing more to say other than to thank everyone who contributed in the making of this event. It was a great change of what our local music scene - especially that of the less “pop” genres - usually experiences and I will probably speak in the name of many as I say we hope this is an omen to more to come.