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Reviews - Melancholy - The Gospel

Review Date: 2011-10-01

Reviewed By: Jad Youssef



If you are searching for a band with a weird undistinguished style, then Melancholy is what you are looking for.

These guys have created some truly wonderful music adding their own special touches, and that's what makes them unique.

Their album "The Gospel" in the summer of 2010. Despite the uniqueness in their style, and their mix of many metal genres, they can be classified as 

Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal. The album artwork shows a suffering female; you can relate this to the lyrics that are related to a lover's suffering.



The 1st track of the album introduces you to a sad and melancholic mood, with a Flute accompanied with gentle guitar tunes. Then the music hardens towards the ending of this wonderful intro.


Graveyard Romance:

This track starts off with high pitch vocals (Black Metal) accompanied with melodic tunes. 

The music becomes softer at 1:40, with a mourning and sorrowful mood. Then followed by an amazing melodic solo; after that high pitched vocal are reintroduced followed by a calm ending.

The track shows mourning over the dead beloved.


Grievances of a Poet:

The track opens with same gentle melodic guitar tunes, followed by whisper "Je T'adore" (meaning I love you). 

High pitched sorrowful screams continue on. Then at 1:54, the whisper restarts accompanied by calm music. 

Then comes the high pitched screams again, following that a guitar solo.


Screams in Lust:

This track starts with some dark guitar and keyboard playing, follows that a female vocal with a sweet female voice. 

Then the music changes with high pitched screams with harder and faster guitars. Then some amazing keyboards are introduced, after the guitar solo followed again by high pitched screams with a harder guitars and drums.


Erotic Dismay:

The track starts with another amazing guitar melody, followed with low pitched vocals; and after that again with the high pitches, as the song continues with wonderful melodic tunes.


Flood of Wine:

1st enters an impressive melodic keyboard, after that comes the high pitched screams accompanied with melodic guitars. The song reaches a calmer atmosphere where a female vocal is introduced followed with a guitar solo.


Through the Gospel:

Also starts with some melodic keyboard tunes, but accompanied with a female voice. 

Then it is followed by high pitched screams. The song also introduces a very amazing

and impressive solo.



Starts with a high pitched sorrowful scream. Throughout the song, melodic guitars with high pitched screams continue on. Also an oriental guitar solo is introduced in the song.


Gaze Upon:

Starts with some keyboard tunes accompanied with a sweet and calm female voice, followed by

 a nice and also calm guitar solo.


The Weeping Moon:

Begins as a continuation to the previous track with clean male vocals. The song introduces high pitched screams, Female vocals, melodic tunes, amazing guitar solos ... At 2:21 some amazing high pitched screams that are accompanied with keyboards of the same vocal rhythm. The track shows that he (the lover) is not giving up on his lover.


Dwell in the Depths of You:

Opens up with a clean guitar playing with a background keyboard which is then accompanied with a female vocal. Then the guitar becomes faster and a male Spanish vocal is introduced. A truly amazing song!


Truly is an amazing album ... very unique and enjoyable ... I urge all of you to buy it