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Reviews - Lake of Tears-IllWill

Review Date: 2011-10-04

Reviewed By: Nay Azar



After their last album Moons and Mushrooms, Lake of Tears released a new album “IllWill” which is a very obscure and gloomy album. This classic gothic doom non-commercial album is what we can call a-Lake-Of-Tears creation… 

This band that started with doom metal and then shifted to melodic and psychedelic music has finally came back to what it was in the first place: a gothic doom metal band that strikes you with its madness, its outrageous rocking essence.

“IllWill” is the eighth album of Lake Of Tears… and it sure keeps you waiting for more. The lyrics are full of darkness depression suffering and pessimistic thoughts, starting with “Floating in darkness”. Then the soundtrack “IllWill” seemed to be a representation of the whole album atmosphere : A death sinister atmosphere accompanied with Danni’s aggressive voice. “Parasites”, which has a kind of punk attitude, is a strange song in my opinion. As for “Behind the Green Door” I consider it to be the intruder of the album for it has different emotions, softer ones.

All in all, Lake Of tears never disappointed its fans even with all the changing that occurred in their history. In “IllWill” this band makes u shake your head till the very last song.