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Reviews - Alan Azar at Nova Pub

Review Date: 2012-06-15

Reviewed By: Carmina Kahirallah


On Thursday June 7th, critically acclaimed guitarist and solo Artist Alan Azar landed at Nova Sen el Fil with his band, i.e:

- Armen Sepetov on drums
- Julien Azar on keyboards
- Roger Yessayan on bass

It was a well-awaited performance and not about 100 people were there, mostly comprised of those who have been in our country’s Rock scene for quite a while, and always seem to be present to support Mr. Azar.

Announced to start at 10 pm, the event began at 10:40 after some playback Rock and Metal music to keep the few attendees (around 40) entertained. I have to say, surprisingly enough for Nova, the sound was so good it was hard at first to discern the live music from the playback, if it wasn’t for the volume variations. It was obvious from the start that each instrument was individually audible and given its own importance, although of course the guitar was most prominent. The songs performed that night were:

1: Intro "Sea Of Tranquility"
2: Into Space
3: True Inspiration 1
4: Wonders
5: Time machine (Joe Satriani)
6: Saraswati River
7: The Dancing Snow Flake
8: Musterion (Joe Satriani)
9: Red-Shifted Area
10: Cosmic dream
11: Crystal Planet (Joe Satriani)
12:Fleeing War "Immortal Pain"
13:Precious World
14:True Inspiration 

Going over the basics; each member of the band had a very good stage presence, all wearing black as a dominant color, giving their appearance a certain class factor, and Mr. Azar’s verbal communication was limited, yet clear and professional.

The crowd itself was mostly gathered in front of the stage as tables had been arranged there. Their general mood was rather dull and silently appreciative at the beginning of the event, but as the night went on they started cheering more excitedly, with no fluctuation in their reactions between calm songs and heavier ones. Most people present were of the country’s “old” Rock scene, usually there to support the guitarist and appreciate his one of a kind show.

As for the show itself, Mr. Azar and his band mostly stuck to the songs as they appear on the albums, with very few modifications. The sound was great (qualified by Nathalie BandAge as “the best Metal sound she has ever heard”) and the music quite enjoyable for those who like the genre. A show by Alan Azar is one that you attend when you are in the mood to simply enjoy great music.

What Alan Azar himself had to say about the event and about Nova Sen el Fil: 

“Performing at nova is always fun for us the sound materials always helping us to sound right. The gig was great we enjoyed the feedback of the audience. I was very happy to jam with my brothers on stage.Our mission is to play the music we like and entertain the audience.
It was fun to play my 2 new songs "wonders"and"Precious Wolrd" for the first time :)
I would like to thank Freakshow for covering and supporting all my gigs ...Your photographer "Rocks" “

Thank you Nova Sen el Fil for hosting the event, Alan Azar and his band for the great performance and Roland Azar for his amazing work on the sound.