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  1. Any Rules?
  2. Will you share my personal Informations?
  3. Can anyone write comments on the website?


  1. I filled the band application but I can't see my band on the bands' page. Why?
  2. How do I get my band listed on
  3. Does my band need to be signed to be listed or reviewed by
  4. Can you update my band info?
  5. Can you help promote my band?

  1. How do I send you news about my band?
  2. Can I send some news to be posted on
  3. I am a good writer. Can I send you my articles to be posted on the website?

  1. Will you Interview my band?
  2. Will you review my demo/CD/DVD?
  3. Do you review MP3's?
  4. Where do I send review materials?
  5. Can you review my event?

  1. Can my band play in your events?
  2. Will you only organize concerts?
  3. Can you cover our event?
  4. When the pictures will be available on the website?
  5. Can I help Freak Show during an event?

   1. Are you recturing staff for the website?


  1. Be polite to your fellows on Speak your opinion in a mature
      and respectful way, and don't try to insult. 
      This is not the place to spam. Before posting a comment think if it's worth
      posting at all. 
      Any Impolite comment will be removed.
  2. No. Your personal information posted in the mailing list will only be used to
      send you emails/SMS.
  3. Yes, any user can post a comment. Comments will be approved before being         posted on the website.

  1. Filling the band application will  include your informations in our bands data
      base. This will help us  contact your band when we have an opportunity for 
      you. To add the band on the list, drop us a message on
  2. To get your band listed on please send a message to and we'll let you know what you have to do.
  3. No, bands listed on Freak Show don't have to be signed. The bands are only
      required to have original materials.
  4. Bands  registered on will have their own username and
      password so they can edit their page. We are NOT responsible to update your 
      band page.
  5. Yes. We are spreading the word of the bands by posting news, reviews, and 
      sometimes interviews. It helps if you're already good at promoting 
      yourself/your band.

  1. You can send any news about your band to
      Note: Only newsworthy will be posted on the website.
  2. Yes, if it's worthy, please send them to and we'll see 
      what we can do.
  3. Yes. Send your work to so we can review it. If it's 
      good enough, of course it will be posted.

  1. For an Interview request, send us your band's press kit or promo package 
      including all the necessary informations about your band to, and we'll get back to you soon.
  2. Yes. Feel free to send us your Demo/CD/DVD to be reviewed.
  3. In some cases yes. Send them to
  4. Please send review materials and promo packs for consideration to: 
      Wissam Abboud 
      Zouk Mikael, Lebanon 
      Street V2, Building 5, First Floor
      Raymond Abboud
  5. Event review is included in the coverage package.

  1. Any band Intrested to play in our event should fill our band application on the 
      website, and we'll see what we can do.
  2. No, our events are mainly based on concerts, but this doesn't mean that 
      we're only into concerts. We'll be organizing many activities related and not 
      related to music.
  3. Yes, we can cover your event if it satisfies our requirements, send us a message 
      with the full details of the event on so we can 
      give you more details.
  4. Pictures usually take from 4 to 5 days to be filtred, edited, and uploaded on 
      the website.
  5. Yes, anyone Intrested to help us during events can contact us on so we can send you an application to fill.

   1. If you're good in music/writing, you're welcome to join our website team. Just 
       send us some of your work(Articles, Review...) to 
       and we'll get back to you with  an answer.