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Events - Rise of Metal Fest.I

Start Date: Sat 01, Sep 2012 08:00 PM

End Date: Sun 02, Sep 2012 02:00 AM

Address: Las Perlas - Shekka



This Fest. will be organized every year in the north, it will include alot of bands from different places of the lebanese coast, this event is organized by the band THROUGH A DEAD SOCIETY 

Transportation available : there will be buss from Beirut to Shekka : the buss will be at dawra at 6 pm. (to go & back)
and from jbeil to shekka the buss will be at the parking infront of the beach at 7 pm (to go & back)
and from tripoli to shekka , the buss will be at "se7t el nour" at 7:30 pm (to go & back)

Linene-Up : 

- Bajio : Opening Rock/Metal 
- V enemy : Death core metal
- Through A Dead Society : Metalcore, also covering lamb of god
- Madjera : Thrash/Heavy metal
- Hatecrowned : Black/Death meta 
- Ouroboros : progressive death metal
- Blacardia : metal trilogy , they mix thrash 
- Revolution : progressive metal 

The Event is covered by Freak Show
Tickets: 20 000L.L. + 1 Beer or Soft Drink, tickets are on the door or and with Sami Rafei and Oussama Rima.

For Reservations call:

Sami Rafeil : 70 522 563
Oussama Rima: 70 772 705
Matt Haddad: 70 455 831 

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