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Band name: ANURYZM

Biography: Amidst the tireless and mountainous landscapes of Lebanon, ANURYZM started out in ‘03 as a group of college friends trying to branch out of their extreme metal music roots to play more commercially...

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Bassic Trouble

Band name: Bassic Trouble

Biography: Originally founded by Jad, Omar, and Wahid, the group started off by meeting at random times to practice for fun, then after a few weeks, they were soon talking about creating a hard rock band. T...

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Calling Earth

Band name: Calling Earth

Biography: "Calling Earth" is a fully originals rock band,The idea of such project was intended years ago.The journey Started with 2 guitarists with same great influences and own works to be combined mixing e...

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December Dies Alone

Band name: December Dies Alone

Biography: “When Memories Fought To Dissolve”, was December Dies Alone first step into the world of Metal. “When Memories Fought To Dissolve” was the Lebanese Melodic Hardcore band” December Dies Alone”s fir...

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Band name: Eruption

Biography: Eruption is the new name of ‘Anima Sola’ (since the name is taken in Spain) started in the late of July 2008 by 'Alexy Zein' that formed his first band with the guitarists 'Roy Lteif' and 'Rodrigue...

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In Sanity

Band name: In Sanity

Biography: In Sanity is a Rock/Metal band formed in October 2010. That's all you have to know... And the rest shall come.

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Band name: KIMAERA

Biography: In the year 2000, Kimaera was born on the stages of small pubs in the streets of Lebanon after dark. It has come a long way since, having become an international name and destroying the stage in mu...

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Band name: Melankoly

Biography: Melankoly is an Armenian Black Metal band from Beirut- Lebanon Formed by Sam Kasparian (vocals),Sako Kasparian(Drums),Yeghig Aroyan(Guitar),Mano Rouss(Guitar) on summer 2006 .Started under the name...

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Band name: Monarchy

Biography: Monarchy was formed in 2009, by current guitarist Alain Ibrahim and former guitarist Anthony Maksoudian. Progressive metal\Rock is the dominating aspect in Monarchy's sound, inspired by bands ...

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Myself Aside

Band name: Myself Aside

Biography: Hailing from Seattle, Washington in the United States, Myself Aside began in late 2010 with a vision to take the heavy music scene by storm. After months of careful writing and preparation, they ha...

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